Come out for the FBA’s Community BBQ Sun. Oct. 5


Join your neighbors on Sunday, October 5th, from 4:00 until 7:00 p.m. for a Community BBQ.

We’ll gather in the 26th Street Park (between I and K Sts NW, at the foot of Queen Anne’s Lane NW) to enjoy great food from Rocklands (including some vegetarian options) and the great company of old and new friends.

The event is free to FBA members & friends.

Neighbors Mobilize to Report Loud Student Parties

Marina Streznewski, president of the Foggy Bottom Association, said patrols will call the University and file a complaint if they hear noise from townhouses late at night.

Marina Streznewski, president of the Foggy Bottom Association, said patrols will call the University and file a complaint if they hear noise from townhouses late at night.

Foggy Bottom Neighbors Are Going On Patrol

Members of the Foggy Bottom Residents Alliance say they plan to take walks through the neighborhood to report townhouses that violate D.C.’s post-10 p.m. quiet hours.

The move comes after long-time Foggy Bottom resident Ken Durham said he found a loophole in GW’s new off-campus policies: If D.C. police break up a party and the University isn’t notified, students won’t face disciplinary action.

“Many times, the resident will only call the police, and the University doesn’t know about it, and the education can’t happen,” he said.

Marina Streznewski, president of the community organization the Foggy Bottom Association, said the patrols will help residents who are too intimidated to call an anonymous hotline.

“There are a lot of older people that, to be completely blunt about it, are afraid of students,” she said. “So it’s a way to help out their older neighbors.”

The walks, which will cover a two-by-three block area, will take place on weekend nights. About seven residents have signed up to patrol the streets, Streznewski said.

She said the walks are meant to be “low key,” and that she doesn’t want students to think they will worsen neighborhood tension.

“There’s a potential for that, if people doing the patrols are obnoxious or nasty, but we’re not trying to do that,” Streznewski said.

Noise and trash violations have strained relations between GW and Foggy Bottom residents for years. In August, the University formalized punishments for disruptive off-campus behavior. The sanctions, which escalate to suspension, give students fewer free passes for violating the Code of Student Conduct.

GW has tried to prevent behavioral issues through educational measures, releasing a guide for living off campus in 2012, while officials have reached out to neighbors through community listservs and meetings. Last spring, University President Steven Knapp met with Foggy Bottom neighbors to respond to their complaints.

Britany Waddell, the University’s director of community relations, said officials are “continually” meeting with neighbors and students who live off campus, including the Foggy Bottom Residents Alliance.

“We will continue to work in partnership with neighbors to address any concerns they may have and are committed to our students being valued members of the Foggy Bottom/West End community,” she said in an email.

Durham said he’d like GW to adopt Georgetown University’s model for working with students who live off campus. Georgetown staff members walk through the neighborhood during the weekend, talking with students and reporting noisy parties, Durham said.

“We don’t mind students here. We have 50 townhouses, and maybe only six or eight do the parties,” he said. “But it’s a residential area, and you don’t go to the Kennedy Center and shout and yell and curse. You don’t go to a residential area and do the same thing.”

Article by Eva Palmer, Assistant News Editor | Media Credit: Samuel Klein | Senior Photo Editor | From the September 18, 2014 issue of the GW Hatchet

Tuesdays FBA meeting will feature two experts on the birds and the bees in the community

Veteran urban beekeeper Toni Burnham visits a rooftop beehive.

Veteran urban beekeeper Toni Burnham

The Foggy Bottom Association meeting on Tuesday evening, July 29 (7-9 pm) will feature two experts on the birds and the bees in our community.

Toni Burnham, expert DC beekeeper and blogger, will talk about the importance of these little pollinators, and discuss efforts to improve their viability.

Zach Slavin of the Audubon Society will share information on the wide variety of birds with whom we share our neighborhood.

Please join us at St. Paul’s Episcopal, 2430 K St NW for what is sure to be a fascinating evening.

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