Foggy Bot­tom Gar­den Committee

Foggy Bot­tom Gar­den Committee

Keeping Foggy Bottom Beautiful

community_gardenThe Foggy Bot­tom Gar­den Committee appreciates friends like Mur­ray who gets trees planted, for Monica and Andre for land­scap­ing not only their yards and tree boxes but their neighbors as well, for Anita work­ing with Joe clean­ing out entire blocks of unkempt tree boxes, and for people like David who adopted a cor­ner bar­rel and filled it with sum­mer flowers.

We’re also grate­ful for people like John who looks after the plant­i­ngs and barrels at the tri­an­gle on New Hampshire. To Danielle who makes sure things are watered in the sum­mer heat, for Lisa who organizes the neigh­bor­hood clean ups, and for the gen­eros­ity of people like William who plants an entire section of Snows Court.

The Gar­den Com­mit­tee acknowledges these special and all of the neighbors who make their yards so special and tidy. Any­one who ventures into Foggy Bot­tom sees the pride we all have in our little jewel of a neigh­bor­hood. Finally to all those who’ve already contributed their time and/or money over the last eight years in help­ing the FBA Gar­den Com­mit­tee come to “Full Blos­som”, including the Foggy Bot­tom Association and the Foggy Bot­tom Defense and Improvement Corporation we are truly thankful.

Con­sider becoming a gardener your­self. To con­tribute your time, phone Ken Durham @ 202-338-1342, or email the com­mit­tee chair at Your con­tri­bu­tion to the Gar­den Committee helps us continue pro­vid­ing Foggy Bot­tom with the plants and maintenance that make it a neigh­bor­hood every­one can enjoy.

Con­tributing to the Gar­den Committee ensures that we can continue pro­vid­ing Foggy Bot­tom with plants and main­te­nance mak­ing it a neigh­bor­hood that every­one can enjoy.

Every donation makes a difference

  • $25 Six months of plants in a half barrel
  • $50 A year’s worth of plants in a half barrel
  • $100 Clean-up and mulching of 5 tree boxes
  • $250 Beau­ti­fi­ca­tion of one of our Foggy Bot­tom pub­lic areas

Con­tribute to the Gar­den Committee so that we can continue pro­vid­ing Foggy Bot­tom with plants and maintenance making it a neighborhood that every­one can enjoy.

Make your tax deductible check payable to the “FOGGY BOTTOM ASSOCIATION“
Please indicate on the check that it is for Gar­den­ing Activities
Mail to: the FBA Gar­den Com­mit­tee, 909 26th Street NW, Wash­ing­ton DC 20037

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