Foggy Bottom/West End’s Redistricting Gains: ANC 2A To Add Two New Single Member Districts as Part of Redistricting Process

The past decade has seen an astonishing uptick in population growth within the boundaries of our Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2A, which includes both Foggy Bottom and West End. The results show that ANC 2A has gone from 12,000 to 17,213 residents, a 43 percent increase since 2000!

Three factors drove this growth: the addition of approximately 2,000 units of new residential housing in the West End (e.g. Ritz-Carlton, Columbia, Atlas and 22 West), substantial increases in GWU’s student population and an effort by DC government to ensure college and university students were counted where they study and spend the majority of their time.

Per DC Statute, this means there will be significant adjustments to the Commission area as part of DC’s current redistricting process, based on the 2010 US Census count. Each Single Member District (SMD) of the ANC must represent 2,000 residents (plus or minus 5 percent). As a result, the number of SMDs in ANC 2A will increase from six to eight.

Councilmember Jack Evans assigned three cochairs to each task force of Ward 2 ANCs to manage the redistricting process. For 2A, these are Rebecca Coder, Asher Corson and Barbara Kahlow. Additionally, 2A residents were invited to join the working group, which included Susana Baranano, Florence Harmon, Sara Maddux and John Williams. GWU’s community liaison, Brittany Waddell, also participated.

At a September 12 public hearing held by the task force, the updated plan was presented to ANC 2A residents. The draft future map can be viewed on the Commission’s Website at The full DC Council will vote on ANC redistricting plans at a meeting in October. —FBN

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